Sick puppy

waffi Poor Puppies...Alfie and Waffles went to the vet this afternoon to be tested for a urinary tract infection. Because of the cold and rain, neither of them have been good about going outside to do their business and yesterday I noticed some blood in the puddle one had left in the kitchen. I couldn't be certain which one had a problem or if Alfie was coming into season, so I made an appointment with the vet to take them both in. Unfortunately, I had to teach, so I arranged to have my parents take the dogs to the vet and for me to meet them there. It was a family affair. It turns out it is Waffles with the problem, although Alfie does have crystals in her urine as well. It seems like this is natural for her as we have had her tested in the past. Waffles, on the other hand, not only has a UTI, but a suspicious x-ray. The doctor was checking to make sure no stones were forming. As far as she can tell, they aren't, but she may have a bit of "sludge" built up already so it's good we brought her in. She is on an antibiotic and I am changing both their diets for a time being to see if that helps.

Neither of them enjoyed the visit. Alfie even nipped at a vet tech while getting her nails done. By the time I arrived, 10 minutes into their appointment, the two were both frantic eyed and panting. They seemed pleased to see me, though Mom and Dad were doing a good job.