Serious Business


We might attend pug parades and socials for a good laugh, but that doesn't mean we don't take them seriously or compete to win. My friend, Jane, took on the organizers when one of our 12-week-old pugs lost to one and two-year olds as the youngest becasue we didn't register properly. Fortunately, her arguments were met with a new certificate being issued and Waltham's Little Trump went home with a piece of paper saying he was indeed the youngest there.

I stood hunched over for more than 15 mintues struggling with two leashes and lots of Velcro just to ensure that Alfie's and Waffle's wigs stayed on so we could compete in the best costume duo contest. And, we proudly (well, I should say, I proudly, not too sure Alfie and Waffles were that proud of their wigs and kimonos) came away tied for fourth place. Now, that may not seem like much of a win, but I happily added it to a group of certificates and graduation diplomas that my former pugs Buffy, Vader and Mira had won over hte years. They are filed away in a drawer alongside Alfie's ribbons and show photos, each as eagerly received.

Next year I hope to build a float and dress our pugs all alike so we can compete in more categories and yes, hopefully win!