Self-Portrait 2: Cowgirl

Me on my Hoppity Horse Here, I am on the Hoppity Horse.  I wrote about this morning. This was a common site in my childhood -- me decked out in a dress, always a dress, my cowboy hat and possibly my toy guns or Star Trek phasers, hopping along the perimeter of the lawn on my blue rubber hoppity horse. Usually I was pretending to be on a ride with the Barkley brothers of The Big Valley, the Cartwright brothers of Bonanza, or perhaps on a survey of an alien world with the crew of the Starship Enterprise. In any case, I was in my own little world and I seldom remember being as happy as that.  Not even years later when I had a real horse to ride.

The aspect of this photo that I wanted to take forward to my adult self-portrait was this aspect of fun and playfullness that I felt as a child.

Blog Adult Cowgirl

The cowboy hat I'm wearing here is the same one I'm wearing in the collage for the header of this blog. In both instances, I donned the hat to show my playful side. Originally, I thought of snapping a picture of me sitting backward leaning on a chair in place of the hoppity horse, but in putting on my hat and playing with my i-phone I took this picture and liked it. I thought it said exactly what I wanted to convey -- I may be grown up now, but I still love to have fun and if I stumbled upon a hoppity horse today I might just jump on and hop along!