Writing Prompt: Seeing


The day I picked up a camera the world became a more interesting place. Tonight, I walked out of a bookstore and looked down at the grate on the ground. Three small yellow leaves created a path almost like footprints along its path. I took out my iphone, since my camera sat in my car, and snapped the above photo. The result is less organic than what I saw, more abstract, but I love the result. It seems this fall has been in a mix of gold and gray to me and I love how this photo captures both.

A thin strip of trees stands in the middle of the K-Mart parking plaza. I have taken pictures of the branches and the berries and birds singing in those trees. At night the street lights shine on them and through them casting a golden glow. I noticed it as I came out of one of the stores and walked toward my car. Again, I whipped out my i-phone and as I approached the scene, I realized one of the trees created a perfect frame for the others. Since I started creating my collages I am particularly drawn to pictures like this that can serve as a background for a story. This picture, however, also works well on its own. It draws me into a secret, magical world that stands right there out in the open -- like a parellel universe living alongside this one, that one can only see if one's eyes are open.


Writing prompt: When have you seen things differently?