Santa Claus Came to Town

Lomo (Light Vignette) I know the blog has been quiet lately, but not for the lack of things going on. I've been busy, real busy and much of it is writing and dog related. And, of course, it's almost Christmas. I have three articles to write before the holiday season is up. One of them is called Pet Love and it is for Upper Valley Life Magazine. It is about all the interesting things we do for our pets such as pet massage, training, pet Reiki and animal communication. Me and the pugs have been busy experiencing them all. I'll write more about that later and of course, you'll have to read the article, but this post is about another pet-related experience. This weekend while my nieces and nephews gathered across town in restaurants and libraries to see Santa, the pugs and I headed off to Country Animal Hospital, our local vet, dressed in elf costumes and Santa hat to see Santa for ourselves. In spite of the beginnings of a snowstorm, turn out was great with dogs and cats all making an appearance to sit on Santa's lap and have their pictures taken. The humans were awarded with cupcakes, cookies and hot cider. My elfin pugs brought smiles to the face of my vet, staff and even Santa. My niece and nephew, who had seen "a creepy Santa" at the library, wholeheartedly agreed that the pugs' Santa was closer to the real deal. I explained that Santa had to hire helpers to dress like him, but he didn't want anyone to mistake them for him, so he only hired mediocre look-a-likes. My pugs, however, seemed content with the doppelganger -- excited just to be out and about on the blustery winter's day, and, to be at the vets without having to get a shot.

My Pet Love article explores the interesting array of things we do for our pets, the reasons why we do them and the ways in which they cement the animal-human bond. Chasing two wiggling dogs down, dressing them in costumes and hats, and loading them in cars with hyper nieces and nephews may beg the question why, but I like to think I took my pugs to see Santa for the same reason so many parents take their children. It's fun, it's magical, it brings smiles to many faces and so often these aren't only the faces of the little ones.