Writing Prompt: Running Toward Christmas

Drawing Pugs Christmas The pugs and I have been busy getting ready for Christmas and now as we begin checking things off our to-do list we are starting to enjoy the magic of the season. The pugs were out frolicking in the snow today and I have started wondering what to get them for Christmas. When my pug Buffy was alive, Christmas shopping was easy. She wanted her "pupperonis" or "puppy snacks" and she knew exactly how to open her presents to get them. Alfie hasn't quite figured out the knack of unwrapping and I'm not sure I want her to -- it might mean none of the packages under the tree would be safe. This is my first Christmas with Waffles, so I'm not sure what her skills are in the opening presents department, but I know that she will be thrilled with any new toy she receives. Waffles has made toys an occupation. She must have them with her at all times, so she carries them with her from room to room and even outside. Her bed has piles of toys nearby. Alfie likes toys, especially when it comes to stealing them from Waffles, but she loves food, so food it will be for her. We still have our Christmas cards sent out and some shopping to do and with deadlines and gifts still to make I don't expect anything to slow down here anytime soon, but we are moving toward Christmas, running toward it even, with joy, ready to seize all the magic we can and unwrap any gifts the season might bring.

*** Another brushes painting loosely based on a photograph I took and posted on the blog last week.

Writing Prompt: Write and share a holiday memory.