My little Devil Dog still has a wee bit of hell in her, but she is settling down and getting into a routine here at the house. I'm not sure if the Thundershirt is having any effect on helping her become crate trained, although she did whimper instead of screech last night, but she is starting to act more comfortable. Every morning as soon as we wake up, I let the two pugs out of their crates and they run downstairs and outside to do their business and catch some sun by the pool.
Waffles, a country dog, has lived a relatively isolated life at least when it comes to neighbors, so she loves taking in the sounds of an active community waking up in the morning. She listens to the rumble of the trucks passing by, the click of the mailboxes opening and shutting, the yelps of other dogs, the crowing of the neighbor's rooster. When cars and trucks pass by the backyard, she and Alfie run to the far corner of the fence and bark -- consummate guard dogs. Alfie seems to enjoy the company, Waffles the activity. I sit and drink my tea each morning content to share in this routine.