SONY DSC I have never enjoyed that transition from Christmas to the New Year – the sudden acceleration of time just as the world has come to a peaceful slumber. Perhaps it’s because I’m not good with transitions in general, but rather than making resolution’s and celebrating a new beginning, I find myself gritting my teeth and hanging on for the ride. At least that’s the feeling I remember having – it’s been a while. For the last three years, like clockwork, I have been sick from the day after Christmas through March or April. And, not just a little sick. One year I had such a fever that the skin on my feet shed like a snake’s skin. I spent one whole January throwing up and in a state of delirium, my eyes swollen shut with conjunctivitis, so basically I had not time to be anxious or resolve anything. I just waited for spring and was thankful to lift my head again. I went to work this past year trying to combat this – losing weight, exercising, working with a team of doctors to become healthier in general in the hope that this would help. I prayed and turned my attention to doing things I loved. I backslid a bit this past November – gaining back some weight and letting the exercise slide after an autumn of biking, but I have a new elliptical machine in the cellar and have set up my bike for indoor riding and am concentrating on eating salads again. The thing is the New Year has dawned and I am healthy, not a sniffle in sight and this is pretty much a miracle. I’ve got all this extra time and it’s pretty amazing. I’m resolved to enjoy it.