Pysanky Eggs

photo 2b Last weekend my best friend and I took a workshop at a local craft center on how to make Pysanky or Ukranian Easter Eggs. I babbled away through most of it, nervous as usual as I learned the process. In the beginning I covered way too much of my egg with beeswax leaving lots of white underneath, but I got the hang of it and enjoyed the rest until I got to the final stages of removing the wax off the egg. It took forever to get the stuff to come off and I think my design may have been to intricate, because I was left with little colored blotches and smeared wax. I think I may have cooked my egg, I held it so close to the flame. Still, in spite of all the little imperfections, I seemed to get it right. I had a lot of fun!

photo 4a

photo 3a

photo 1a

photo 3

photo 4b