Puzzle Pieces

The members of the Hubbard Hall Writers' Project met today at Bedlam Farm to discuss our writing projects, we are bringing together stories with a rural slant. The pieces are starting to come together and everyone had some wonderful ideas to share. I am thinking of writing a piece about courting and romance puggie style. The story will culminate with a pug wedding that we held at my friend Joan's house a few years ago. Just to make it clear, this was a wedding between two dogs -- Timitoms and Zelda. The rural focus of the piece, I think, centers on the fact that here in Vermont, we have to take our fun where we can find it and form community where we can. I have found a deeper connection in what at first blush may seem silly, frivolous activities, such as a doggie wedding. I will keep you posted on how the writing goes and hope you will come along to hear more. When our group is done it should be a very unique and diverse collection.