Puppy Love



Too tired again tonight to write much of any value, so I am leaving you with another pic of Joan and one of the new puppies. All five are well today including the runt, "Batman," who is lively and eating. This is one of his siblings.
Many of you expressed interest in my I-pad drawings. I am having fun with them and hope to do some more. For those who missed it I am using an I-pad app called Brushes.
I entered Alfie in another dog show in Keene, NH today to take place at the beginning of August and hope to also do one in Saratoga, NY the week after.

Alfie and I had the chance to visit with Waffles yesterday when we were at Joan's to see the puppies. Waffi tried every chance she could to jump in my car so I guess she is ready to come home with me whether I've decided to take her or not. I'm actually thinking of bringing her home in August.