Blog Pugsatawny Who needs a groundhog, anyway?

Seriously, my pugs play weatherman everyday, letting me know if its raining or snowing or freezing cold by their reluctance or willingness to venture outside. I'm thinking of initiating a formal ceremony here in Bethel. It would be good for the economy, drawing tourists to town and I'd happily don my top hat, step out on the porch with Alfie and announce if she saw her shadow. Of course, I'd have to keep it quiet that Alfie has a habit of seeing a lot of things that aren't there like her invisible fly...shhh, don't say anything. Besides, I can always use Waffles as a back up, although she is happy to venture out on the back step as long as there is a sliver of sunshine in which to bask. Okay, maybe they aren't as reliable as Phil, but for those of you with money on the outcome, it might be nice to know that my two can be bribed for the right puppy snack.