Pug Woman


I went to see Batman tonight. I have to say I loved Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman. It made me think about symbols – how the Dark Knight chose a bat as his symbol, a mysterious creature that lurks in the darkness. Cat Woman turns out to be a cat burglar, slick and stealthy.
I started to wonder what symbol I would choose if I were to become a superhero, when my mother suggested the obvious choice – a pug!
Pug Woman, of course! Sure, I could master the coy head tilt, the seemingly meaningless running in circles, butt tucked under, the hypnotizing master stare that says “Give me Food!” But, what virtues does a pug represent? Loyalty, stubbornness, clownishness…According to the American Kennel Club, pugs are even-tempered, playful, outgoing and loving. Admirable qualities, but how do these play out when it comes to fighting bad guys?
Last night Alfie became quite ferocious when she thought she saw a giant Bad Guy on the bed. Her fur stood on end, she growled, barked and attacked. She put on a good show. Only thing was, the Bad Guy turned out to be a pillow bearing a larger-than-life-sized image of a pug. Tonight, she seemed to have forgotten the evil scoundrel and sat next to “him” on the bed, waiting for a snack. Based on her example, I think if I were Pug Woman, I’d likely be fighting bad guys from the sofa, after lunch. Come to think of it, that’s just about my speed. And, I just thought of another plus, pugs even come with their own mask so I wouldn’t have to put myself out making a costume either.