Pug Stalkers


Photo by Diane Fiore

I'm not sure if it's true for all breeds, but I would venture to guess that pug people "stalk" each other with more gusto than any others. I'm referring to that tendency to trail another car that has a pug license plate or bummer sticker, to pull over on the side of the road to jump out and accost a couple walking a pug, to roll the window down in a speeding car and yell through the window of another vehicle "I have one, too!"
Pug people are admittedly "pug crazy" and we take great pride in it. In some ways we're all one big happy family and well, let's just say there's something contagious about these big-eyed, flat-faced, curly-tailed, alien little creatures. Our enthusiasm is infectious!

And, even if it doesn't make everyone we know run out in search of a pug to adopt themselves, it gets them thinking about the breed. I had one friend tell me after a conversation about my pugs, that he couldn't stop dreaming about them. Another, emailed me joking that if I kept writing these posts she might just have to get a pug herself and today, a friend in my writers' workshop emailed me this photo with the note "Saw this license plate and thought of you."

Hmm, she did more than see the license plate and think of me, she whipped out her camera or cellphone and snapped this picture! Seems I've created another pug stalker!