Pug Puppies on the Move

My friend Joan and I drove to Battenkill Books in Cambridge, NY tonight to listen to writer Jon Katz talk about his new e-book The Story of Rose. Because Joan has a three-week-old litter of pug puppies that shouldn't be left alone, unwatched, for long periods of time, we left them with my mom with the assurance that they were too young to be much trouble.

"None of them are even moving," I assured her. And, yesterday they hadn't been.

Granted one or two had managed to make it over the lip of their box and onto the floor, but they didn't do much after that other than roll over on their backs and fall asleep. That was until tonight. By the time we returned home all five were crawling and sliding all over the place -- one had found its way to the water dish and Mom had to rescue the little guy before he drowned. She said she wasn't all that worried because not only had he learned to walk, but he seemed to know the dog paddle, too. Another was sipping water form the water bowl and a third was attempting to nibble on the dry food. The poor Momma was suddenly beside herself trying to keep them all in the pen.

Inspired by the multimedia approach of Jon's new book, I decided to try to get a video of the one I called Batman walking around, although the light wasn't that good. Still, you get a chance to see him as he tries to gain footing on the slippery wooden floor. Also, in the video he has an unfortunate accident. Another first, as you might be able to ascertain by the gleeful way I exclaim, "Joan, he's pooped!"

Warning: This video shows his Momma cleaning up after him.

Those of you familiar with puppies won't be disgusted by this, but it is a little hard to take when the Momma in turn tries to kiss you moments later. At least that wasn't captured on camera!