Pug Party and Parade


A long, but enjoyable day at the Chestertown Halloween Pug Party and Parade. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and headed to Joan's in Warren, Vt. an hour later so that we could make the drive to Chestertown, NY.  I left my computer backing up my photos on an external drive so that I could download new ones tonight.

We arrived in Chestertown in time for the costume contests. The event ended with the big Pug Parade. Although it was cold and rainy there was a huge turnout. We brought the puppies with us along with my friend Jane's dog, Fanny May, the puppies' Momma, Griffles, Joan's dog, Mister Egg and my two, Alfie and Waffles.

Alfie and Waffles dressed as Geisha Girls, complete with black wigs and kimonos. We saw cowboys riding pugs, Men in Black, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck walking alongside Minnie Mouse astride a Cinderalla Castle Float, a pug adorned with Chinese takeout, several poodle-skirt clad pugs and many more.

I did learn that it is very difficult to hold two kimono clad pugs who are fighting to remove their wigs and take pics while shooting with one hand, so maybe not as many awesome shots as I hoped, but I did get a few, which I will share. Problem is that after the event ended we returned to Joan's stopping at The Bridge Restaurant near the new Champlain Bridge. Once back at Joan's we began the arduous task of unloading, putting the puppies back in their room, feeding them and the other dogs, transferring x-pens and other paraphenalia among the cars, taking some photos of the pups, and calling some of the new perspective owners to seal arrangements for transferring them this week to their new homes. By the time I set out from Joan's it was 9:30 p.m. but I didn't get far before I realized my car was making a horrible racket, so I returned up the drive to ask Joan's opinion. We both agreed it was the muffler, so I set out again, getting home close to 11:00 p.m.

I unloaded the car at home, fed my pugs, made last minute changes to an article and sent it off for fact checking, downloaded my photos and sat down at the computer to blog when suddenly it hit me how tired I am. So I hope I am forgiven and the photo above will serve as an enticement for more to follow. Tomorrow evening Joan and I head off to deliver Trump to his new owners.

The pic above is of Waffles and Alfie waiting in line with another pug to make their way down the hill in the pug parade.