Pug Parade


Big weekend ahead. On Sunday, my friends Joan and Jane, and I are headed to Chestertown, NY for the annual Halloween Pug Party and Parade. It's another day of costume contests and lots of pugs and I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures to post. I plan to bring Alfie and Waffles (not sure what they'll be wearing yet. I have some simple Halloween collars as well as more elaborate costumes) and maybe the puppies as well as Joan's dog Egg and Jane's pug Fanny May, maybe more.

Also, had good news today. The original owner for Waltham's Little Trump, one of the puppies, fell through, but one of our friends, a couple who has three other of Joan's pugs, wants to adopt him. We are meeting them on Monday afternoon to turn him over. Although the friends live in Massachusetts, they have a condo in Sugarbush not far from Joan, so we will be able to see Trump regularly. Only catch, our friends want to rename Trump, Critter!

I have a lot of writing to do as well this weekend, so I may not get to post much, so I thought I'd leave you with a couple more shots of the puppies from the other day.