Practice, Practice, Practice

Worked with Alfie today getting ready for Saturday's show. She looked pretty good on the stacking table, but then I took her to the vets this afternoon to get her nails cut and her distemper shot and she acted terrified standing on the table there. She practically collapsed on all fours and her little tail went down. Granted, the vets is not the show ring, but she was not about to let the vet look her over, something the show judge will want to do. I'm hoping it was just the sounds and smells of the vets that got her jittery and that she will be better behaved come Saturday. Turns out my vets are going to be on hand at the show, so they may get to check Alfie out. We had a great time during the visit once Alfie got over her nervousness and warmed up to the vet techs giving her snacks. Everyone was making over the show pug and it reminded me how fun this can be.