Pilgrim Hat

Fawn Pug Pilgrim Hat Legend has it that pugs would warm the laps of royalty in Chinese Palaces. They are bred as lap dogs, to bring pleasure and fun. Some dogs work by herding or guarding, some retrieved or sought out rats. Pugs, perhaps more than any other dogs, were born and bred to be companions to humans. Their work seems to be to make us smile and they seem to take great pleasure in their jobs as well.

Today, my pug, Alfie, elicited smiles once again. My neighbors had people over for Thanksgiving. They pulled up in a truck. I was in the backyard with Alfie taking her Thanksgiving shot, but when she heard the truck she went wild, rushing to the fence and barking. The men in their truck paused to look at her, wide grins spreading across their faces.

“Do you see the dog in the pilgrim hat and everything?” one asked the other. They paused for another few seconds, just happy in the moment, before heading into the house.

Good girl, Alfie, job well done.