Petey the Poodle from Oodles

I went to visit my friend and former student, Sally, today at her shop, Oodles, in Fairlee, Vt. She recently got a new dog, a Moyen Poodle, named Petey. Petey had an interesting and perhaps unsavory backstory, perhaps delivered to Sally from a puppy mill. Ever a writer/storyteller, she has recreated his origins, dubbing him Pierre Moyen from Paris and creating a tale in which he was raised by a peasant woman and forced to chase chickens all day long. He escaped this tragic fate by jumping a ship to the United States where upon touching shore in New York, introduced himself as Pierre to a native on the docks, who said, "Hey, Petey, get over here." The story continues.

What I loved about this, in addition, to hearing one of my former students telling a story is the way she turned something tragic into something comical. Petey's real journey to her doors may  not have been that happy, but she turned it around, now making others laugh. And, I loved hearing her repeat her new introductory spiel to customers, "Welcome to Oodles, this is Petey the Poodle at Oodles." Keep on telling stories, Sally, you make me smile!