The Paths Your Feet Take

path “Give careful thought to the paths of your feet…”

I’ve been thinking of adding a new section to the blog for the new year – a Words to Live By section. As a writer words are important and sometimes they are what help gets me through.

I was working on my poetry syllabus when the texts started flying in from my brother about his art and the calls started coming in from my father about the giclee prints. I wanted  to be able to chat with my brother, I needed to work on the syllabus. I was going to get up early and finish it today, but heard my grandmother was coming down and might want to go out to lunch. She didn’t, but she did want to stop by and open Christmas presents. It took awhile. Then I had to eat, which took longer. I didn’t get around to the syllabus until evening. Then the texts and phone calls started rolling in. I felt overwhelmed enough to write the last post, so many people in my life want so many things and it seems like I’ve spent decades letting my own things get pushed aside.

Suddenly, the words do not look to the left or the right came to me. I wasn’t sure where they were from but pretty sure I’d read them in the Bible somewhere and understood their meaning. Life throws a lot your way, but only you are responsible for the path you take and you need to keep your eyes on the goal. I needed to hold my path. I googled the phrase and found this scripture in Proverbs 4:25-27:

“Give careful thought to the paths for your feet

And be steadfast in all your ways

Do not turn to the right or the left;

Keep your foot from evil.”

I think I may need to find a way to live by these words.