Our New Addiction

I had to run to the store today to buy some ink cartridges, so I could print out the collage I am working on for the header of my new web site. This meant going past the Dog Park, so I decided to stop again. I admit it, I'm either in love or addicted! I stayed for two hours, basking in the sun, the dogs, and the friendly and surprisingly intimate conversation.

Once again these dog owners poured out details of their lives as if we had always known each other. Some didn't even ask my name. Others remembered me from yesterday and if they didn't know my name they knew Waffles and Alfie's by heart. Both are favorites with the dog owners there and my two soak it up. Both chose to sit at the feet of one elderly couple the whole time they were there. I got to know some of the dogs as well. I love Freddie, the black Puerto Rican street dog with piercing eyes. Murphy, a petite Yorkie, flirted with Waffles by nibbling at her ear. This she tolerated, but when he tried to go further by climbing on her back, she jumped up on my lap and watched him from a safe distance.
We met Ella, another black dog that is part Lab and part who knows what, his owner declares. She, I learned, would rather live with dog than a man because the dog is never ungrateful when you put a meal in front of him. I love these people -- their openness, their stories. Even the social drama is interesting to observe, although it was not as evident today. Today was smiles and sunshine. A little girl dressed in pink danced among the dogs, a young boy quietly came and scooped up Alfie.

"Be careful I warned, she doesn't like to be picked up." He just stared at me not in a belligerent way, but in a very still quiet way that said don't worry, she'll let me and she did. In fact, she sat with him for a long while -- until his mother called him away. I saw Alfie squirm just a bit, but settle down in his arms as if aware that he wouldn't hurt her and that he perhaps needed this. I think maybe she has the makings of a therapy dog someday.
Tomorrow I have appointments and lots of work, so no Dog Park for me, but I am already making plans for next week. I know cold weather will be here soon enough and end my  new favorite pastime, but for now my pugs and I are planning to frolic among the dog people.