Newborn Puppy Videos

Releve's first puppy was born after 8:00 p.m. yesterday. Her second puppy shortly after 10 and her third, a big girl, arrived at 5:30 p.m. about an hour-and-a-half after I left Joan's. It was a long labor. I have been at Joan's when puppies came so quickly it was difficult to clear them from their sacs before the next arrived. This was all about waiting. Releve was stoic, getting up out of her box in Joan's kitchen to pace, but otherwise remaining almost silent -- no panting or moaning for her. The first puppy had bulging eyes and was so teeny and cold. Releve wouldn't feed it and we worried that perhaps she was rejecting it because she thought it was too weak and wouldn't live. The second puppy was a bit larger and perhaps stronger, although it took a lot of work on Joan's part to get it to breathe. I didn't want to leave Joan, but she convinced me it made little sense for both of us to lose sleep. After I left, the third baby, a big girl, arrived.  Before leaving I held Releve while Joan coaxed the two puppies to eat.