New Art Projects

Blog Osprey Unfortunately, I came down with another sinus infection over Easter, but I haven't let that stop my art projects this week. As I wrote the other night I've begun some drawings to accompany one of my student's book projects. I sent them to him this week and he likes them enough that he has asked me to continue. I also have been starting some new collages. Actually, revisiting some collages I began and abandoned a while back. One of them, featured above, has to do with life and death and everything in between. It tentatively is entitled "Osprey" because the nest in the center of the image is an osprey nest I photographed at a writers' retreat a couple of years ago.  I was  looking through my rough draft file and stumbled on the image below, which I began adding to last night.

Blog osprey original

I still haven't completed the digital part of the image and I anticipate doing a lot of hand-sewing on this one around the nest and some of the background. I thought people might be interested in seeing how I get from here to there. One of the writers' in the Hubbard Hall Writers' Project, Rachel Barlow, does wonderful animation on her blog and I've been interested in learning how to do the same. I haven't tried it with any of my drawings yet, but I did figure out how to make a .gif file of the steps in my collage process to share here. This doesn't show everything I did, such as changing the girl's hair color, but it shows a number of the steps and decisions I have made thus far.  Enjoy!


Also, here's another teaser drawing from my student's book.

Blog blue lady

I'll keep you posted on the progress. In the meantime, I wanted to remind you that my limited edition print, Dogs Dancing at the Carousel, is still on sale for another week. I've sold several and am very excited as it is my first limited edition offering.