My Pretty Girls


Waltham's I.W. Waffles

I set out to take some Halloween shots of my girls this week with various degrees of success. Here are two portraits that I liked. The girls couldn't be any different. Alfie is only three weeks older than Waffles, but Waffles is significantly smaller. Alfie is a showdog, Waffles is not. Waffles is spayed, Alfie is not. Waffles can jump up on the bench seats at the kitchen table. Alfie cannot. Alfie loves to taunt Waffles with her bones. Waffles could care less. Waffles loves to flaunt her toys, Alfie doesn't really care. Alfie likes to pee on the bath mat in the bathroom, Waffles likes to tip over the bathroom trash can. Waffles will sometimes sit still for pictures, Alfie never will. Alfie slips out of her harness when going for a walk, Waffles slips out of her harness in the car. Both like their breakfast, going for car rides, and visiting the dog park. Alfie's real name is NW Elvis' Birthday Girl. Waffles' real name is Waltham's I.W. Waffles. Alfie had two sisters and so did Waffles. Alfie came to me from a breeder in New York state after Mira died. Waffles came to me from my friend Joan after Vader died. Both like to curl up with me on the sofa at night. And, finally both are very beautiful.


NW Elvis's Birthday Girl