Mornings and Mountains

icy I have never been a morning person and never willing will be, but I had to rise early this morning to attend a class on e-publishing, a very good class, I will add. The world is very different in the early light of day. Today, the mountains, trees and sky were covered in a cool, white light. It was as if a thin, gossamer curtain had covered the earth like a cool crisp sheet. Everything seemed frozen and icy as if I had slipped in the back door to C.S. Lewis' Narnia. Everything was quiet, not yet awake. I felt like I didn't quite belong.


As I drove along, yellow rays of light crept in, caressing the edges of the mountains, warming the world just a bit. It was a designer's envy -- the way the yellow danced with gray. When I drove home later, the world was warmer -- the sky the palest blue, but sun-kissed and toasty, like a tasty meal left to warm on the stove.


I will never like mornings, but I loved seeing the mountains in the morning light.