Making Friends at Bedlam

Me and Pearl: Photo by Jackie Campbell The day was warm and so were the people at The Bedlam Farm Open House yesterday. I was there to show my artwork and connect with many of the people I have met online and through Jon’s new Facebook group, The Open Group at Bedlam Farm – basically an online creative forum and blossoming community. One of the friends that I had met through the blog was Jackie Campbell, a woman who proved to be just as sweet and amiable as I had imaged through her comments. She took this picture of me with Jon’s daughter’s lab, Pearl, a sweetheart of an animal. In fact, she stole my heart and tried to steal the day. Although many were enamored with Red and Frieda, who came out off-leash to impress the crowd and Lenore, known as the Bedlam Farm love dog, Pearl managed to snuggle up to anyone who would love her and even tried to consume Jon’s therapy dog demonstration by nudging her own muzzle in to rest on the lap of the volunteer patient. She seemed intent on getting all the love and attention she could and as an old gal’ she had earned it!