They say the life of an artist can be lonely, the artists luncheon for the Anointing the Goddess Show at the Pig Barn Gallery (see for more details) proved that it is anything but. Today, writer and photographer, Jon Katz, prepared a wonderful lunch of pasta and roasted vegetables for those of us exhibiting in the show while his wife, fiber artist Maria Wulf, videotaped us talking about our work. At first, we were all a little bit embarrassed to have the focus on us, but soon we were caught up in all the inspiring pieces that the others were sharing and we forgot our self-consciousness. The conversation was stimulating, the spirit generous, and we began to see and form connections with each other and our art. We couldn't help but share a laugh as well when we saw how wonderfully Jon's gourmet meal complemented artist Joyce Zimmerman's fascinating sculpture. I left feeling inspired by the art, the food, the conversation, but mostly the warmth of new friendships.