Loom Knitting


Before Waffles and Alfie there was Vader and Mira. Vader was a total gentleman, sweet, peaceable, the kind of dog who calmed those around him. Mira? She was pure joy. The happiest creature I ever met -- canine or human.

But, this is not a post about them. It is a post about their sweaters. I joined the loom knitting craze a few years back and after a plethora of ill-fitting hats for the whole family, I finally succeeded in making the pugs sweaters. I adorned Vader's with brushed gold buttons and Mira's with a knitted, orange flower. The two wore the sweaters every time we went for a car ride, fall and winter. They held up incredibly well. I have them stored in plastic bags. When I took them out the other day I noticed they still had their hairs tucked in the weave and even smelled like them. Even if they fit Waffles and Alfie I think I would still start afresh. Those were Vader and Mira's sweaters. Alfie and Waffles are getting their own.

In the years since I first took up the loom, I have learned to do some traditional knitting at least enough to make a yellow washcloth bearing the Star Trek emblem, and a pink one bearing something that resembles a one-legged flamingo. I gave up before finishing the one with Obama's face. But now doggie sweaters have become a necessity. While Alfie is a furry bundle, Waffles is thin and sleek and is already shivering. I am still not skilled enough to take up needles to complete this endeavor, so out come the looms again. Waffles' sweater is going to be white with red, fun fur trim and Alfie's pink with gold. I am not sure yet about the embellishments. I'll post pictures when I'm done.