Light & Spontaneity

I've been home ill since right after Christmas and tonight was my first attempt at re-entry into the outside world. Not to be too dramatic, but it was like seeing life anew. I loved that there were still Christmas lights up and snapped a picture with my iphone. The iphone camera is a gift. It is portable and allows for spontaneity and imperfection. I take quick pics that I would not think to snap with my SLR. I find that most tend to be of light and action -- they are "of the moment," "on the fly" full of blur and motion. I love these pics for what they represent and what they capture. The two others here are one I took on a raining evening while out Christmas shopping and of my friend Joan shoveling our friend Jane out of the snowbank on the icy night we spun off the road in her tracker. I know you can barely see her here, but it captures the cold and ice and snow in a way a clear, crisp shot might not. Snapping these pics frees me up from my perfectionism, it allows me to have fun and offers me the joy of discovery.