Lifelong Companions-PG13


When Vader was a wee pup I bought him a stuffed dog to snuggle with because my other pug at the time, Buffy, would not tolerate him cozing up to her. When Vader grew older and his hormones kicked in, this big, fluffy dog turned from mere plaything to sexual object and earned her name -- "Humpie" Doggie. Vader, always a gentleman, would court her by licking her, leaving her snacks, cuddling her and then of course, having his way with her. Buffy liked it because she would later come by and eat the snacks Vader left for Humpie. Years later, after Buffy died, I found a pile of bones under Humpie's head and began to sneak them away so Vader wouldn't be disappointed. I really believe he thought she was for real.

When Vader grew old and lost the use of his legs, his yellow girlfriend became his pillow -- a means to prop him up as he fell over on his side. You could still find him licking her and cleaning her. Yesterday, when I took him to the vet for the last time, Humpie came with him and he passed away with his head on her neck. The vet informed me that if I wanted Humpie Doggie could be cremated with Vader and that's exactly what I did. After all, they were lifelong companions.