Let's Play Dress Up!


I know some people frown at the idea of dressing dogs up in clothes, while others light up with a smile. Those in the first category may be dog people, but they are not likely to own a pug. Of course there are exceptions and every dog balks at clothes on occasion, but for the most part all the pugs I have met are in reality, clothes horses!. Really!

Pugs are natural born clowns and they love attention almost as much as they love food. Clothes mean attention, lots of attention, hence all the pugs I have ever owned love clothes. Clothes for my pugs also usually means they are going somewhere -- whether it's too a pug social, Trick or Treatin', or just to the back stoop for a photoshoot, clothes mean they are on the move and while pugs may be couch potatoes, they are usually up for a good drive.

So, imagine the excitement soon to ensue when I bring out the new garbI found for my girls this week. I found a number of leftover Halloween costumes at TJ Maxx and Petstop and plan on an upcoming photoshoot as soon as my all too busy schedule permits -- mermaid costumes, pirates and pretty princesses will soon be appearing and the pugs have already been scoping out the bags. Alfie's little tail has been a waggin'. Both she and Waffles know that the tupperware bin at the bottom of my closet holds their duds and they begin a series of squeals and scratching when I go to the door. Unfortunately, deadlines and doctors appointments have prevented me from having a fashion show, but I'm starting to feel the pull myself. So soon, very soon I promise you and my very eager girls that a photoshoot is coming. For now, here are a few of the fashions you'll be seeing.