Laguna Beach

Here I am in Laguna Beach as the Pacific roars outside my hotel room. I am so proud of myself, figuring out how to use the iPad camera attachment to upload photos so I can post them here. It was a long day in the air but because of the time difference it was only 3:00 pm when I got here and I was able to explore. Given the weather and the proximity to water I expected to love Laguna Beach but I did not expect to fall in love with it. That happened when I stumbled upon a dog birthday party in the middle of an outdoor restaurant. I already suspected that this was a dog friendly place from the sheer number of them on the beach and streets but to find a fancy birthday party complete with a bulldog in a birthday hat ( It was his 8th birthday I was informed) and two large Italian dogs (can't remember the breed but not one I am familiar with) and their humans drinking wine and eating birthday cake, well let's just say they had me with the bulldog in the hat! Then I stumbled on Anything Canine, a doggie boutique where I purchased pink bedazzled sunglasses for Alfie ( these are for work people I plan to take her photo in them.) Anyway, if you love dogs and the beach you gotta love it here. Tomorrow begins the first day of the conference. I'm looking forward to it.