Keep Moving

A picture circulating on Facebook from Get-Fit-Naturally My sister-in-law, a personal trainer, shared this picture and saying (from Get-Fit-Naturally) on Facebook today. I know she posted it to motivate people to keep exercising, but I love the sentiment in general. Life has thrown some challenges my way health-wise lately, but I don’t want to dwell on them. I want to keep moving.

Sometimes you have no control over what happens to you; sometimes you just have to deal with the consequences. Sometimes you have options. Regardless, you can always keep moving forward, learning and growing. A friend and counselor once told me that was one of my assets – in spite of the specific challenges I’ve faced in my life I didn’t let them stop me, I pressed on.

It’s not denial, it’s an act of faith and sometimes all you need is to take that first step to gain momentum. This morning I watched Alfie and Waffles as they faced the morning cold. Neither wanted to leave the warmth of the house and once out both immediately turned back toward the door. Then Alfie finally made the move off the stoop. Waffles watched for a beat and followed. Soon the two were climbing over the snow banks and prancing over the frosty ground. Watching them in motion, the air seemed lighter, the day seemed warmer. I wanted to make the leap with them.

Icy Twig