Hot Spot

Waffles hot spot I'm scheduled to travel to Glens Falls tomorrow to meet with my web designers about some future plans for the blog, but just about an hour ago I noticed a nickel-sized spot on Waffles where her fur is missing. It looks relatively dry, just her skin with a few darker red dots. I think it's probably a hot spot, a case of moist eczema in dogs that is more common in the summer. I have seen Joan's dogs get them at times and know it is possible for them to spread quickly, although this is not always the case. I've also seen cases where pugs have become ill very quickly from bites, scratches and hot spots because of bacteria trapped under the skin, so I think I'll call the vet first thing in the morning. I'm hoping that I can work out getting Waffles checked and still making my appointment in Glens Falls.