Kensington and Margot went to their new homes today. Joan and I met our friend Bonnie, who is taking Margot, and her friends Bob and Sylvester in Albany, NY today. Bob is keeping Kensington. Both pugs are getting new names. Bonnie is not straying too far from Margot's original name and is calling her Sassy Margot. Kensington's new name is Bunja, which Bob assured us is a name representative of African royalty.

Both pugs seemed happy and curious to see their new owners. Kensington sat in Bob's arms like the lump of love he always seems. Margot gave Bonnie kisses.

We all ate at the I-Hop together and discussed the pugs and their care before bidding them goodbye. Joan and I finished the day at the Birdseye Dinner in Castleton, VT.

In other news, Mannix Marketing of Glens Falls, NY presented me with a draft of my new web site today. Very exciting and I will keep you posted of the changes and when it goes live. In the meantime, it has been a long day. Alfie and Waffles are already snoring and I am off to bed.

Tune in tomorrow...