Healing with Art

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A lot of people I know -- some with whom I have close ties -- have been dealing with cancer lately. That's why it was an extra special honor to have two of my photographs -- Man's Best Friend and Girls with Lenore -- chosen to be a part of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center's Healing with Art show. Today was the reception and it was a wonderful event. Patients, artists, staff, doctors and friends and family all mingled together to not only view the artwork and hear us talk about our work, but also to listen to patients read poetry and prose about their experience. Some of it was poignant, some painful, and some humorous and direct. Many participating shared their personal reasons for being there -- friends and family who had survived and suffered from cancer -- everyone expressed their belief in the healing power of art. There was a warm and beautiful spirit to the gathering. I felt particularly supported having not only my parents in attendance, but my photography instructor, Jim Block and his wife Jann. It means a lot to have the support of a teacher especially one that launched you in a direction you never expected to take. I made a number of contacts, connected with another former instructor, Carla Kimball, who also has work in the show, and was especially proud to hear from a fellow artist that a patient had grabbed her hand and led her over, squealing in delight, to view one of my "dog" photos.  It is a small bit of joy to share with people undergoing such pain, but still I am happy to provide it.

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