Good Day at the Show


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We had a great day at the dog show. My friend Joan showed her pug Lumpi in Veterans and I showed Alfie in American Bred. Alfie received a blue ribbon in her class. It was hot and Alfie seemed very nervous, balking on standing on the stacking table. The judge was patient and Alfie rallied right around, which made me very proud of her. It was a big improvement from last year and another one of the handlers commented on it. An even greater compliment, however, was when a spectator asked me about the breed, saying she was interested in a pug. She chose to ask me because she remembered me and Alfie from the year before. She said she noticed how attentive Alfie seemed to me and how well adjusted and happy. This was awesome because here we were with all these show pugs so highly attuned to their handlers and yet this woman remembered Alfie and me because she seemed happy. I love that we gave off that impression and I think Alfie was happy. She seemed interested in the other dogs and in getting out and doing something with me. I tried to have her photo taken by the professional photographer at the show, but it was difficult. Instead of looking straight ahead to the camera, she kept trying to turn to look behind her at me.

I think we'll be doing another show in August.