Fairy Photoshoot: Pug Point of View

She's at it again and even though I know what she's up to and it seems kind of strange, I feel my body tense in excitement. I start to wiggle and wag my tail in spite of myself. Oh, oh, I am excited. We are going outside. I like going outside. So much to smell. Maybe she'll give me food. Oh, oh, she has something in her hand. Oh, oh, maybe she is going to give it to the other one. I better butt her out of the way.
"Let me in, Let me in."

No food. I paw at my girl. She is slow sometimes. She probably forgot the food. Again!
"Um, hey? Remember me?" Where's the snacks?"

Oh no, she's putting one of those silly outfits on me. She seems to want me to do something. What? I tilt my head perplexed. I am thinking really hard. If I do it right, maybe she'll give me food. She's putting that box she calls a camera in my face again. I hear a click.

"Good dog," she says. "Nice picture." She adjusts the thing on my back. She says they're wings. Dogs don't have wings! I try to bite them. Instead, I turn and bite the "wings" on the other one. She doesn't like that. She growls. We spin in circles. My girl keeps laughing and snapping that box at us. She doesn't give us food. Finally we stop spinning. We rest our heads in our paws. The other one looks as disappointed as me. We think the girl forgot the snacks again. Sigh. We shut our eyes and enjoy the sun.

She calls us "beautiful." We each open one eye and wag our tails. She is our girl. She is forgiven, but I wish she'd forget the wings and remember the food next time.