Everything's Better with a Dog


We came to the Hubbard Hall Writers Workshop tonight as if in costume, attempting to hide our insecurities and check our excitement; each reluctant to fully realize our ideas, perhaps even to articulate them to ourselves. But something brewed beneath the surface and as Jon questioned us and we started to share, you could feel each of us awaken to possibility, to the stories we just might be able to tell if we give ourselves half a chance. I see this with my students at the beginning of every semester, but it is interesting to be on the other side of it. I always try to reassure them as Jon tries to reassure us, already seeing the rich stories they'll produce in the end. They always look like they don't quite believe me, I think I know now what that look feels like. Jon brought his new dog Red, who made himself at home, greeting all the ladies and even lifting the skirt of one with his paw. He's definitely a ladies man. Having him around was fun. Everything's better with a dog, even if he's not a pug!