ET 1 The snow fell heavy on Vermont today and although it was still a workday for me, it felt like a snow day and I found myself enjoying a blanketed world that had slowed down. I made a few appointments for next week, answered some email, checked Facebook and waited for a 2:00 p.m conference call with Barbara Techel, author of Through Frankie's Eyes.

I recently had the opportunity to review Barbara’s new book and will be featuring an interview with her on this blog later in the month. Although we had only spoken via email prior to this, we fell into easy conversation about writing, social media and dogs. This doesn’t feel like work, I thought even as Barbara and I made plans to have her speak over Skype to my memoir class.

Although I had articles to write, I decided to devote the rest of the day to some arts and crafts. My sister-in-law had contacted me yesterday to pick my brain about ideas for an E.T. birthday party for my nephew Avery. I suggested Reese’s Pieces party favors and promised to come up with a few things. So, this afternoon I gathered my markers and crayons, braved the cold of the garage to sort through cardboard boxes and then spent an hour coming up with a three-paneled E.T. centerpiece. I hope to buy some larger pieces of cardboard and create the bicycle and moon scene as a larger cut-out. It was fun although I found most of my markers had dried up.

That finished, I turned to completing my collage of the dogs dancing in front of the carousel. I plan on calling it “Dogs Dancing at the Carousel” and I already have one buyer for it. I added some rhinestones and glitter to make the carousel more festive and sewed tutus on some of the dogs. I am waiting for the glitter to dry before rescanning it into the computer, but tomorrow I will do so and post it here. Then it will go off to the printer and to be matted before sending it off to its new owner. Because the prints are a combination of digital and hand-drawn work, the rescanned image is the final piece, thus, I can offer more than one copy for sale. In the future I may create some limited editions and am considering doing so with this piece. We’ll see…

The world outside is white and the dogs are snoring on the sofa. I fell asleep with them a little while ago, waking up in time to write this blog. I have a busy day of writing ahead tomorrow and then the completion of the Self-Portrait Workshop. I will be posting more of my photos from that in the days ahead. Tonight is for rest and enjoying a world tucked-in.

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