Dogs & Pics


I traveled to Montpelier, Vt. to interview a real estate attorney for an article I am writing. After the interview, I decided to wander the streets of our state capital and ended up visiting The Quirky Pet, a small, but charming pet store filled with all sorts of delectable goodies for your dog. One of the best things about The Quirky Pet is their dog-in-residence. Aria is one of the owners' three Bergamasco Sheepdogs. I spent some time with the owner talking dogs and sharing Facebook photographs.
After leaving Montpelier, I drove to Quechee for a photography meetup and critique where I share a few of the fairy wing photos of the pugs and a couple of pics of my niece, Tori. I saw some friends I hadn't seen in a while, Jean and Renee and a former teacher, Carla. Carla told me that she had channeled me this week when she went to take a close-up of a cow. "I was right up to it's nose. I thought this is a Kim shot," she said. I was of touched that my work was so distinctive that a certain type of animal shot made her think of me. As one of the photographers showed some of his shots of flowering succulents, my friend Amy made me laugh. "I love the word succulent," she said. I was thinking the same thing. I think if we had been in school together we would have gotten in a lot of trouble.

All in all a satisfying day and one truly dedicated to both dogs and pics.