Okay, now that it's established I'm a pug slut, it's time to turn the tables and address a new subject -- commitment. What happens when you get tired of playing around and begin to think about giving your heart away to that one special pug?
It's you I'm talking about -- you with the big soulful eyes and tight curly tail. You won me over with that coy tilt of your head and sly, little butt wiggle. Now I'm thinking of making you mine. But I worry. Sure, we're having a good time now, it's all fun and games, the romance is on, but at the end of the day we still return to our own homes.
What happens when we share one? When those kisses and little love snorts turn to drool and slobber and all-night snoring? What happens when your cute little furry body becomes a big, sweaty lump taking up All the space in my bed at night? Don't worry about it you say, staring at me with eyes that seem to see straight into my very soul. But I know the drill, it won't be long before all you want from me is food on your plate and to clean up after you.
Is this a match made in heaven? Maybe yes, maybe no. It doesn't matter. Good or bad, I think I just may be in it for the long haul.