Writing Prompt: Child Bride

My niece Tori stopped by tonight on the way to a Halloween party taking place at her Tae Kwan Do class. She wore the bridal gown costume that I bought her. I managed to corral her long enough to take a few pictures. This was my favorite.


For tonight and tonight only Try on another face, a face of tomorrow a face of fantasy, a face of what could be

Breathe in childhood Twirl in the magic of youth For Halloweens are fleeting Years move swiftly Soon you will be asked to don one face for real

For tonight and tonight only Be a princess, a mermaid, A monster, a bird Become familiar with your faces and facets The realm of possibility So that when Halloweens are over You'll not hide behind a mask

But shine brightly with a youth well lived All the creatures inside you Not hidden but bursting forth with a flash of Trick or Treat eyes

Writing Prompt: What creatures hide inside you? What masks have you worn?