After years of trying and talking about it, I am in the process of actually working with someone to get a web site up and running. This site will also feature a new blog, one where I actually write in addition to putting up pictures. I have so many new and creative opportunities on the horizon. I'm getting ready to start a writing workshop with Jon Katz -- a chance for me to actually concentrate on some of my own stories outside my freelance work and teaching -- and will be having my photographic collages on exhibit at his wife Maria's Pig Barn Gallery. I will also be attending a workshop on creativity this next month. With so many exciting things ahead I thought I'd start blogging more on my current blog ( until the new web site and blog is up and running. I hope you join me on my exciting adventure and thank you to all my friends, family, coworkers and mentors who have been so supportive of my journey thus far.