Cat Lady

SONY DSC Worried about getting a reputation as a crazy cat lady? Blogpaws may not be the place for you. This photo certainly encapsulates the spirit of the event. A dog on a bicycle, a 40-lb rabbit, a cage full of baby chicks, a ferret named Marilyn -- all were present at this pet blogging conference, which concluded on Saturday evening with a red carpet event. Here, Marilyn donned a gown as did a number of dogs and yes, cats! No one seemed worried about being dubbed crazy and most embraced it as they strutted their stuff along their four-legged friends. The above duo had to be among my favorites.

The people gathered to have fun, but they were also there on serious business. Pet lovers often find themselves dismissed as being frivolous or juvenile. People can be patronizing, viewing animal lovers as cute, but never really taking them seriously. Yet, Blogpaws attendees were there to network and learn how to turn their love of animals and blogging into a paying enterprise. All seemed to truly being enjoying their work.

I have to admit that I sometimes worry about this reputation of animal lovers as "crazy," obsessed with pets because their relationships seem lacking in other areas, but what I loved about the woman above is she seems to turn this sterotype on end. Yes, she's dressed in the mild-mannered attire of a librarian, but she's working it and her love of her dolled up cat doesn't come across as crazy to me, but rather endearing, even sophisticated. I was in awe of the costumes and the ceremony, but also proud to be among those in attendance. True, it was challenging to describe to my friend Clare's circle what I had been doing at the conference, but I can honestly say I was proud to be counted among its attendees. There are so many more foolish activities than being a cat lover, pug lady or even ferret follower. We are lucky to have found something that makes us smile!