I drove to Glens Falls today to meet with Mannix Marketing about my new web site. I'm very excited about it and have a number of things to get together to get the ball rolling. We spent a lot of time talking about pugs, my writing, photography and design and my head was spinning. On the drive home, I decided to stop at Sutherland's Petworks and check it out. I had never been there before, so I was pleasantly surprised to be greeting at the door by a bulldog named Buddy. Buddy sat as still as a statue as customer after customer entered the door. The woman behind the counter told me that he sits like that until 5:00 p.m. and then will start looking for his ball to play. He did stir to sniff a young dog that came in and it was then that I noticed that Buddy only has three legs. I watched him loping along the aisles for awhile, until he went and picked up his squeeky toy and brought it back to the door. I got back in my car feeling refreshed. Dogs have a way of doing that.