Blues and Reds

Ellie in the Sky Alfie and Waffles

Tarbaby and Puddleglum

I did well at the Tunbridge Fair and while I managed to remain cool enough when we approached Floral Hall for Joan to say, “you’re mighty calm. You don’t even seem excited to find out how you did,” I was pretty eager to learn. The photo entries in particular were plentiful so it took some time to find all my shots, but I was happy to have received two blue ribbons – one for my black-and-white entry of Joan’s two old “guard dogs” TarBaby and blind Puddleglum and one for my picture of Alfie gently pawing Waffles face as they playfully battle over a rose petal. This won a blue in the color other category. My picture of Gretchin lifting Ellie into the sky won a red ribbon in the color portrait category.

As for my artwork – my pencil sketch of Lorelei scored a blue, while my mixed media work of Joan snuggling a puppy and my ipad drawing of me and my guardian angel pugs both received red.  It was fun to see all the work of others. There were some great dog shots.


Joan and Kensington

Me and my guardian angels ipad sketch