Blue Ladies

IMG_4022 The last two Fridays I have taken my friend Joan to the eye doctors where, like my father, she has had to get shots in her eye. Because her eyes are dilated, she can't drive herself back to my house, so I've been driving her around until she can see to make her trip home. This Friday we made an adventure of it, visiting the new Noodle Station in Hanover and having a feast of macaroni and cheese and a dish in peanut sauce. Yummy! I splurged on a bubble drink and bought us a side of garlic bread. While at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center we visited The Blue Lady Statue. My student Don, who volunteers at the hospital, is writing a young adult fantasy book featuring The Blue Lady, who comes to life and sends a patient on an adventure. I can see why Don chose to write about her. There is something alluring, mysterious and magical about The Blue Lady as she looks out from her wooded grove. Unfortunately, Joan's eye bothered her from the shot so as much as we enjoyed each other's company, she felt kind of blue herself.