Scottish Highland Cattle Big For those of you who missed my earlier post, Big and Rob are a pair of Scottish Highland Cattle that are popular tourist attractions for travelers on the Route 4 corridor in Killington, Vt. The pasture where Big and Rob hang out was destroyed by Hurricane Irene and their owner, Craig Mosher, has worked hard to reclaim his property. I just finished writing an article about his reclamation and recovery efforts and Big and Rob's adventure roaming free for a few days following the storm. The piece will appear in an upcoming issue of Rutland Magazine.

I have more to write about today, but it is late, so please tune in tomorrow. And, don't forget to stay tune for the Great Common Thread Give-a-way on Monday, in which one of my photographic collages will be the featured give-a-way item. In the meantime, enjoy Big's vibe. For an 1,800 lb. beast, he is quite laid back and chillin'. Even during the storm as the river rushed toward him, his owner claims Big stopped to much on a passing tree. Priorities, I guess or someone who knows how how to take it easy. A good example to follow in any case.